Tiger Machinery and Industrial Corporation is the only Philippine company with facilities that fully integrate Machine Shop, Fabrication, Foundry, and Thermal Spray & Trading

Machine Shop
Fabrication Shop    
Quality Assurance

Fabrication Shop

Staffed by a team of certified welders equipped with mastery of modern technology, the Fabrication division has spun-off to other ventures such as on-site repairs and machining, hardfacing, and turbine repairs.

Our specialized hardfacing technology is the product of our partnership with Durum-Verschleiss (Germany)

Thermal Spray Overview
Thermal Spray is the process of building up or restoring worn out parts to its original dimension. It may also be used as a protective coating for parts subjected to harsh environments.

On-Site Services
We provide on-site repairs such as machining, welding, thermal spray, hardfacing, heat-treatment and quality inspection.

Fabrication Images