Tiger's tenacity extends to vital industries making our name a dominant force in the Hydro-Electric, Geothermal, Coal-Fired Power, Cement, Mining Sector and other allied industries.


Tiger Machinery has recently upgraded its foundry facilities to master excellent corrosion and wear resistant parts for the growing Mining sector.

We help the mines become more competitive in their business with improvements in parts service life. We serve industry leaders like Philex Mining, Carmen Copper, PhilGold, and others.


Partial list of parts and services offered

  • Ball Mill Liner
  • Bowl and Mantle Liner
  • Jaw Plate
  • Grizzly Bar
  • Bucket Tooth
  • Pump Impeller and Casing
  • Feed Chute Liners
  • and others

Fabrication/Machine Shop
  • Cone Crusher Parts Repair
  • Bulldozer Bucket
  • Blunt Tool
  • Feed Chute
  • and others