Tiger's tenacity extends to vital industries making our name a dominant force in the Hydro-Electric, Geothermal, Coal-Fired Power, Cement, Mining Sector and other allied industries.

Coal Fired Power

We supply the needs of coal-fired power plants for wear resistant and high temperature application requirements. Companies such as TeaM Energy, AES, Global Business Power, Calaca Power, and many others trust TIGER.

Coal Fired Power

Partial list of parts and services offered

Fabrication/Machine Shop
  • Erosion Shield
  • EP Collector Plate
  • Hardfacing or Boiler Tube
  • Flap
  • Damper and Casing
  • Rehabilitation of Vertical Coal Mill Pulverizer
  • Transfer Chute

Thermal Spray
  • Boiler Tube Coating Protection

  • Coal Mill Roller and Table
  • Burner Tip
  • Burner Nozzle
  • Coal Burner Body